Dolce Vita Bundle Deal
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Dolce Vita Bundle Deal

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Get all 4 styles from our Dolce Vita Collection which includes Milano, Sorrento, Venezia and Siena plus a FREE eyelash applicator. These are super dramatic, whispy, full and reusable lashes. Siena lashes are more natural and look like eyelash extensions.

Luxury handmade lashes with a cotton lash band holding the mink hairs together for extra comfort. Reusable with care up to 15 times.

*Please note wear and lifespan depends on the care given. Do not wet the lash band as it will dissolve the glue and threading. When using tweezers be very careful not to pull the bands apart (it has several layers of bands). Lastly always keep them in their box or a case to maintain their fluffy and round shape*

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